When I first started writing I was all about the page count. I was young and didn’t grasp that the font size, spacing, and margins played into all of this. I would happily skip off to Juliet, from whom I learned to write, and talk about the ten pages I did that day. To me that was so much and it seemed impossible to ever get to any higher a rate.

She would ask me, “How many words?”

I’d never even know what to say our how to check. I was a kid back then and as far as mentors go she taught me a lot. Still it wasn’t as if I knew well enough to listen

Now I’m wanting to scale back this draft. It’s too big, everything I read says agents don’t like huge books from beginners and I’m throwing my weight around with one hundred and six thousand words, actually closing in on the one o’ seven mark.

Then I realized something…as Tacia and Rickey tear through this draft, and as messy as drafts are, there’s going to be a word count reduction.

There’s a tendency to get ahead of oneself. I have it too, I want to think what this thing will look like in print and if it will be too long or too short to get across correctly. Then I remember that before any of that, comes these edits and that’s what this is for.

I used to want to get as much done as I could, pump out some huge beast of a novel. Now I kind of want to slim it down and I’m sure that will happen.

Just remember the things about “murdering your darlings” and “Draft-10% = Second Draft”. They seem a bit dismal to someone who poured their heart into something, but you have to remember, you’re just telling the story. It’s not all about you.

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