I haven’t always been so active in the online writing community, for the longest time my writing was something I kept to myself as a personal thing. I shared it with few and I never really discussed it besides with a close friend or two.

Since I have been more open and out there about it, Twilight has been the dominating force in the world of writing, especially when you’re talking about Young Adult Paranormal Fiction. And rightfully so, it’s reached people of many ages, reached across many different cultures and has spanned a series of blockbuster films.

Before I go any further I have to admit, I’ve never read the books. I have seen the movies though and found them to be entertaining, not heart stopping but definitely not the worst things I’ve seen.

My question has less to do with the movies, seeing as how I am talking about writing here. But why is it that every forum post, every blog, everything from writers out there is a complaint about Twilight? People devote movements to hating it, they pay money to attend the movie and mock it…

So much of the talking seems to stem from anger and jealousy over the success of Meyers. I think that some of the writers out there haven’t gotten over the fact that by and large, the industry isn’t looking for the most verbose, well written thing possible.

It’s looking for decent stories and plot that are relatable and immersive. Guess what? Writing isn’t the only form of readily available entertainment and your average reader isn’t going to spend their life in a book. You can’t get mad because people don’t want to read thousands of pages of description and what’s considered more literary. Books like Twilight aren’t the enemy, they’re apparently where the market is and whether you like it or not, as a writer you’re going to have to contend in that market.

So do yourself a favor and use the time you’re complaining with to better improve your own craft.


2 thoughts on “When Will the Writing World Stop Complaining About “Twilight”?

  1. Never. I will complain about Twilight as long as there is breath in my body.

    Truth be told, I agreed with this post. No, I didn’t really enjoy the first book and I could have done without the annoyance of the obsession that followed the success, however there was that twinge of jealousy in the back of my mind from the get go. I didn’t think she was a great writer and felt the success was unjustified when it really didn’t matter. But none of my writer friends, nor myself, came up with a book that helped to reestablish paranormal fiction and neither did any of these other writers.

    Perhaps we should shut up or, at least, include that in our rants on the matter.

    My only beef now lies not so much with the book but the occasionally semi-unhealthy obsession it manifests in some people.

    Good article.


  2. Thing is I don’t enjoy a lot of books, like Dan Brown. But it seems that not a day goes by when I look at forums and blogs that someone isn’t complaining about Twilight or trying to explain it away as a fluke.

    Party of the problem, as far as anyone famous might be concerned could be that when they talk badly about the Twilight readers, they talk about their own readers or potential readers badly.

    Why would I want to read something by someone who talked about me in a mean fashion.


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