When I first heard about the Grindhouse movies back when they were in theaters I had some mixed ideas of what to expect. I was going through this “must be mature” phase and thought that it would tarnish all of that if I indulged in movie watching of that kind.

Still when the DVDs came out, the movies hadn’t made the splash that I thought they would so I didn’t rush to by either of them until I saw they were on sale where I worked one day and thought what the Hell.

This was almost a year after their release.

I bought Planet Terror and wasn’t as wowed as I thought I should be, but what did get my attention was the fake trailer for Machete. It was funny, ridiculous and I instantly wanted more. So when I heard it was coming out because of popular demand, I was giddy.

Fast-forward to now—I don’t think I’ve been this disappointed by a movie in a while. It should have at least been to the standard that the other Grindhouse flicks were. But it was just a mess. Most of the ridiculousness and hilarity lost in the blatantly obvious, zealously repeated political message that the movie’s makers tried to hammer in.

All that sticks out from this, over the women hiding phones in their vaginas and the people repelling from rooftops with intestines is that this movie was a platform for illegal immigration and not even a good one. The rhetoric is just a rehash with people saying things like, “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us!” and other tired lines from rights battles gone by.

Even those who are in strong agreement with the message probably won’t like the way its handled and I think it would be hard for anyone to review this movie and not make mention of this.

Frankly, the experience left a bad taste in my mouth, I’m hoping that "Get Him To The Greek” will be better, though Russell Brand scares me.

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