The editing of the novel goes well, though I still haven’t named this creation of mine. It’s kind of funny, ears after its conception and several rewrites and the name has never completely come to me, nothing as a name sticks out to me. I guess I was under the impression that a name was supposed to just make its way into your hands and perfectly fit the novel in question.

A name should be the easy part. But really it’s not. It’s the first thing that your book puts forward for the world to see. And there are so many out there that just encompass the work which they describe. Others take cultural references or a place from the book and just make it their own. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is a good one, or how about Bonfire of the Vanities.

There are titles so well known, so engrained in our minds that even those who have no idea what these books are about know their title. Bridges of Madison County? And who hasn’t heard of Cider House Rules?

I’m not asking for a title this good, but I want a title that fits and feels like it belongs to the book—not just some words tacked on to give it a name. You know how you meet a person and their name fits their personality and how they look and who they are?

I want that for my book.


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