Okay, its not November anywhere in the universe anymore. So everyone should be firmly done with their pledges for NaNoWriMo, right?

I wouldn’t laugh at that statement if I had ever known a single writer who kept to that one month to write a novel thing. But I don’t know a single one. Even the ones who do have the speed. It’s why I find it kind of ironic that people seem to enter into it year after year.

It’s the same issue I have with New Year’s Resolutions. They’re typically the kind of things that we do need to change, but for some stupid reason we feel the need to wait until some arbitrary start date instead of saying, “This ends now! I’m turning things around!”

Let me just say this: anything so unimportant that you can wait until the next year to start working on it…any novel you can wait around until November to write—is probably a waste of time because you weren’t serious in the first place and you’re going to fail at it for that very reason.

And if you think I’m just talking out of my ass, I’ve actually got the speed to do NaNo and actually could hit that magical fifty thousand number this week…with something I started at 11 pm on November 27th. I’m thirty seven thousand words in.

The difference is when I set deadlines, they’re based on my speed. When I set deadlines, they’re set by me. I actually aim to get them done, I bust my ass to do it and I typically start right when I set them.

If you seriously want to write, cut the bullshit and write year round. 


Author: justincaynon

My name is Justin Caynon and I’m currently twenty-nine years old. I’ve been writing since I was about twelve or eleven years old. I read a lot as a kid and I think that led to me writing. The stories that I saw in books, movies, games and TV shows caused me to want to make my own. When I first started out it was all Fan Fiction. I liked the idea of playing with existing worlds and creating my own situations. The more I wrote though, the more I noticed that I was beginning to break out of those pre-established worlds and make my own. Sometime during high school I got it in my head that I wanted to be a published author. I didn’t know the struggle that it would be back then, but writing is what I love. It’s something I get passionate about and take seriously.

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