R.I.P. Carlen 2001-2011

Carly was the first dog I had that was honestly my own. She was a puppy when we got her and her sister and she was always the adventurous one. She loved to climb and was friendlier and sweeter than her sister Tina.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog with more personality. There were her little quirks like loving to ride in golf cars or tractors or putting clothes in her own water bowl for whatever reason. She was just a really odd dog, but she was smart and loved and anyone who came over couldn’t help but play with her.

My mom called me Saturday to say Carly had died and we really didn’t go to find out how. But I knew I needed to bury her. I couldn’t touch her body I had to have a friend help me and I put her out back on top of a small hill (she liked to be up high). I think I feel a little silly because I miss her so much and its embarrassing I guess but I don’t care, I really loved her and she was just a great dog. I went out with friends Saturday night to help me not think about it but its bothering me and it will for a while. I really, honestly loved Carly and people might find it stupid to say that because they think she was just an animal or she probably didn’t understand love.

But Carly had a way of acting like she understood. Back when Tina died years ago she was so sad and she wouldn’t go outside in the dark alone for about a year and a half because that was where something got Tina. If you said Tina even years later she would just look at you. And when I was down she would come and just cuddle up and there’s some comfort in that. So here’s to Carly, you’ll be missed girl.




The Other Shoe Drops; Supernatural 7×03 Review


This being the first review for this show I’ve ever written, let me start off by saying that that I never thought I’d see it happen. If any show on American Television deserved to get this far I believe it was this one.

And what shocks me most is its still fresh and there’s still a lot we don’t know.

Jewel Staite (of Firefly, Flash Forward and Stargate Atlantis fame) played the guest role of Amy Pond. And you didn’t hear wrong, someone on the writing staff must be a Doctor Who fan because they called attention to the name more than once in the episode.

When you think “Girl Next Door” its hard not to think of a girl like Staite. I mean look at her:

Jewel Staite #5

This episode was directed by Jensen Ackles, which actually explains why Dean spends most of his time sidelined.

Loved this episode, though the thing that stands out most about Supernatural is how they are able to take a situation involving some monster-of-the-week and make it into a metaphor for the overarching plot. It makes it feel like nothing is every filler.

Which is great because I hate the word filler being used for shows like this. So we had some good performances from Staite and Emma Grabinsky (who played young Amy) and we got some insight into Sam’s past.


I don’t think any long time watchers of the show were surprised by either Dean or Sam’s actions. This episode reminded me a lot of the whole “Monsters are Monsters, always will be” stance that Dean took in Season three only to recant it and save a group of Vampires from a ruthless Hunter.

These moral struggles are the backbone of Supernatural and I think that hunting and killing monsters while trying to retain your humanity is really one of the show’s bigger themes.

Pretty Only Gets You So Far; Barely Legal Review

A little explanation before I get started. I was at my parents house dog sitting and had nothing better to do at 3 AM than browse Netflix to see what terrible films they were suggesting for me this week. What I found was this:

 Barely Legal (2006)

This movie just proves that sex and nudity don’t make everything entertaining. If you see this movie in your queue and you have the desire to watch it, don’t. Go over to You Porn and watch anything there—ultimately it’ll have a more coherent plot and you’ll save yourself eighty something minutes.

It’s meant to be a teen comedy in the vein of American Pie or Super Bad. But it seems to go further than I remember those movies going and there’s not much of a lesson or any story in it. Either of the previously mentioned movies are easily a better choice.

Barely Legal follows three friends (who don’t seem to have much reason to be friends) as they embark on a journey to have sex the first time on their eighteenth birthday. That’s basically the whole plot right there. And as anyone could tell you, if you’re a moderately attractive girl with a natural God-given vagina it won’t take you 90 minutes to get laid on your eighteenth.

This movie drags it out with a plot about a religious girl losing her faith in God and discovering in His place masturbation. A slutty girl trying to find her perfect match. And the third girl trying to get back at her cheating boyfriend.

Oh and at one point two of the girls tease a blind man with their asses from a balcony. There was a lot of jokes involving the bind and only one of them was funny. I even wrote it down as testament that it happened.

Guy#1: Dude, have you seen a rack like that before?
Guy#2: I’m blind, you fucking asshole!

I think it was only funny because I had sat so long without laughing that it lowered my tolerance.

Then there was the religious jokes which were just offensive (mostly because they weren’t funny). I can take a religious joke, I’m Catholic and we’re the butt of a lot of them. But someone being gay for Jesus and talking about how sexy his body was on the cross made me want to rage. It’s a good thing I’m lazy and I was already in bed.

All that said, don’t watch this. There’s not anything I can say good about it except that the two brunettes were pretty. But let this movie stand as proof undeniable—pretty only gets you so far.

New Pulp & Fiction

The plan was to revive this blog as something to talk about my experiences writing and to occasionally review some of the stuff that I’m watching and reading. This is that blog. Names won’t be changed to protect the innocent. So without further ado, this is Pulp & Fiction and I’m Justin Caynon.