This being the first review for this show I’ve ever written, let me start off by saying that that I never thought I’d see it happen. If any show on American Television deserved to get this far I believe it was this one.

And what shocks me most is its still fresh and there’s still a lot we don’t know.

Jewel Staite (of Firefly, Flash Forward and Stargate Atlantis fame) played the guest role of Amy Pond. And you didn’t hear wrong, someone on the writing staff must be a Doctor Who fan because they called attention to the name more than once in the episode.

When you think “Girl Next Door” its hard not to think of a girl like Staite. I mean look at her:

Jewel Staite #5

This episode was directed by Jensen Ackles, which actually explains why Dean spends most of his time sidelined.

Loved this episode, though the thing that stands out most about Supernatural is how they are able to take a situation involving some monster-of-the-week and make it into a metaphor for the overarching plot. It makes it feel like nothing is every filler.

Which is great because I hate the word filler being used for shows like this. So we had some good performances from Staite and Emma Grabinsky (who played young Amy) and we got some insight into Sam’s past.


I don’t think any long time watchers of the show were surprised by either Dean or Sam’s actions. This episode reminded me a lot of the whole “Monsters are Monsters, always will be” stance that Dean took in Season three only to recant it and save a group of Vampires from a ruthless Hunter.

These moral struggles are the backbone of Supernatural and I think that hunting and killing monsters while trying to retain your humanity is really one of the show’s bigger themes.


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