A while back I started a fan fic for the BBC program Sherlock. Without having to go into just why, Sherlock is my favorite show, ever…period. If you watch it, I can almost guarantee you’re going to have a lot of fun.

Anyway, the show lends itself to fan fiction, unfortunately most of that turns out to be the “everyone and their mom is gay” variety of fan fiction that tends to be tragically bad and little more than porn. The story I started actually featured cameos by Lewis and Holly from the novels (Holly being British it was a nice fit) and featured a lot of Molly Hooper (because she’s my favorite) and a supernatural enemy.

I started this thing back on my father’s birthday, July 24th and I am just now thinking I need to get this on the road and finish it up before the new episodes come out and I have new ideas.

Fan fiction is hard for me to finish because a lot of the time the idea can only go so far and in the excitement of cooking it up I forget to see how far that really is. But this one is cash and I am bringing it to a close. Of course I need to go back someday and edit the stories that I finished up so that they make sense a little better and the grammar is right. But The Devil on the Isle of Dogs is fun and I’m enjoying making it. If you’re interested in seeing it, just search that title.


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