I came home to a special about the Doctor Who Christmas specials over the last six years and I was more or less just in time for them discussing End of Time.

Let me just preface this by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed most of Doctor Who, its one of the better shows on TV. But I feel like what End of Time could have been and what it turned out to be are two very different things. It was the end of one Doctor’s era and we should have had something somewhat sad. But the episode is treated as the very end of the show, as if Doctor Who would never return.

At the time that the episode aired people knew that Steven Moffat, the now head writer, would be taking over. He had written some of the most memorable episodes up until that point—but the way that the outro of the old era producers was handled seemed to be in bad form. Everything was played to the max and in the end we got several minutes of goodbyes and melodrama. It was slightly sad at the time, its silly to look back at and in all honestly I am glad that we have Matt Smith. Even at its most depressing points the Moffat era seems to have a note of hope and at the same time a ring of truth to it.

To me, End of Time was the beginning of the good bit. As I sit here downloading the newest Christmas special The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe I’m filled with excitement because while the old Christmas specials were dreary, depressing and about as un-Christmas as they could be (remember End of Time was a Christmas/New Years episode).

Here’s to next season, when it comes. We’re better for it.


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