Whereas the Christmas episode of Doctor Who left e feeling like it could have been better, the newest entry in the BBC Sherlock miniseries felt like I was watching a short well written movie.

I shouldn’t be surprised, show creators Steven Moffat (of Doctor Who fame), Mark Gatiss and Steve Thompson had almost a year and a half of time to work on the show. It shows in the quality too. The acting seems to have been stepped up a bit, the set pieces were very well thought out and the opening and the rest of the episode was chalked full of surprises, the last being the very end of the show.

Going to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but there’s a lot more sympathy in the Sherlock Holmes character and he seems more human now. The writing does a good job of this while still making him feel larger than life.

Rupert Graves (Detective Inspector Lestrade) and Louise Brealey (my absolute favorite, Molly Hooper) seemed to have stepped their game up in the acting department and we see much more of Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson). Even with the very complex plot and baggage from last seasons cliff hanger we see much more of the side characters and all of them just shine in it.

I don’t feel I need to say anything about Andrew Scott’s Moriarty other than its still as brilliant as ever and it really makes me believe that the character is an all out lunatic in a way that’s usually so hard with roles like this.

Long story short, if you’re not watching the new Sherlock series on BBC, even if you haven’t seen the first season you need to start. I know its just four episodes at this point, each being one and a half hours  long. It is still my favorite show and it proves that is completely possible to do so much with so little.


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