Every story has an antagonist or some kind of force working against the protagonist and other main characters. Sometimes it’s a person, other times its nature itself or just a force. The idea of an antagonist is actually pretty ambiguous, but you’d be hard pressed to find a story without at least one.

And if you did you’d probably have a pretty boring story.

The Fades was a show I thought might have potential, but I didn’t give it a chance until I finally got to watch the whole thing in basically one sitting. Some of the elements were very average and cliché, but cliché happens because of something being tried and true.

What really impressed me about The Fades was the complex villain that I found myself sympathizing with, agreeing with and even liking some of the time. In fact I liked him a lot more than some of the protagonists in the end.

Too often I come across antagonists in movies or television who have little to no reason for what they do other than destruction or revenge. There may have been a little of that here too. But there was something genuine about a person who had been ordinary and who suffered merely because of the time they lived in. Many times the bad guy is made to be without any redeeming qualities, but this one had a lot of good points.

I don’t want to go into too many areas of the plot because the final episodes have yet to air on BBC America. But overall the show felt ambitious and refreshing. On top of that the humor was pretty well executed given the generally dark tone. (Leave it up to the British to make a really good black comedy)

Though I expected not to, the twin sister character really struck a cord with me too. I think she might have been my favorite. 

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