All Star D&D

This might just be my dark, twisted nerd fantasy…but I would love to see an All-Star D&D game played by real A-List celebrities. Who, you might be asking? Well I’ll tell you who!

Vin Diesel – he’s already admitted to having a few funny looking dice in his past. So he was the first one to come to mind. He’d be playing a Barbarian or Fighter for sure.

There are others that I picked just for the cool factor.

Dame Judi Dench – she would have the job of DMing the whole affair. For those of you not familiar with the language, she’d be running and narrating the story of the game. If she’s not available then Morgan Freeman is as good a choice. Hell, let the both take turns.

Alison Brie – after her stent rolling initiative on Community I’d like to see her involved in a proper game. I’m thinking Ranger or Scout for her. 

Next on the roster we have Seth Rogen – the comedic actor would bring some flavor to the group. I’d think he’d be the Bard. That just seems to fit him.

For the role of Rogue we have Samuel L. Jackson. Why? Because he’s bad ass that’s why. I could see him with an eye patch sneaking up and knifing people in the backs.

Every party needs a strong, Paladin. Not really but it’s a game staple. I thought long and hard about this and who better to wear the mantle than Sir Thomas Sean Connery?

To round out this rag tag bunch I would like to see Bill Gates or Willem Dafoe in the role of Necromancer. Of course the he’d have to hide his nature because otherwise the Paladin would murder him.

This will never happen of course because no one wants to watch anyone sit around a table and role dice on a play mat while imagining the action. No one but me. But sometimes my imagination gets the best of me.

Fan Fiction On Tape

A few days ago I came across a recorded fan fiction on MP3 being read out loud, much in the same way you would find books on tape in a store. I’ve tried the book on tape thing and it can be good if you’re in a car a lot of the time like me or just want to clean and use your hands while listening to the book. But the thought never occurred to me to record any of my own writing. If it ever did cross my mind for a moment, it was never a fan fic that I thought of.

Now I’m obsessed with giving one of my own the same treatment. I just need to find the right person to read it. When I finally do get it done, I will find some way to post it here. If someone reads this and is interested in being the person to read and record the fic: the applicant needs to be British and a female.

Leave a message on the blog and I will get it.

Present tense

A friend of mine tried to write a story once, it was Final Fantasy fan fiction and he didn’t get far before throwing in the towel. But when he first started I was looking over the whole thing and it was all in present tense. I asked him why he did that and he asked what was wrong with it. I explained that its rare to see a novel or short story in present tense…its just odd.

I was right. I wrote two short pieces in present tense and people seem creeped out and unnerved by them but they can’t seem to notice the tense. It’s good to know that effect is there, but I could never do a whole novel in present tense because it would be too odd and hard. I’m so used to past. It’s nice to know that for something short and experimental, though, present tense has its place.

The Tardis

Notable Writer/Fashionista/Photographer/comic book enthusiast/gamer/Internet Badass, Molly McIsaac has secured herself a TARDIS.

Well I guess, there goes time.


But seriously, look at that thing. I kind of wonder what the story is behind it. Someone put work into it and then just gave it away for free? It’s actually almost the correct size—well except for the bigger on the inside part.

An Archive of our own

There’s a new contender out there in the world of massive online fan fiction databases and for the first time ever, its got something new to bring to the table. I’m only just hearing about An Archive of Our Own, but I like it. Some very noteworthy features are the kudos button, which functions in the same way the “Like” button does.

Even more interesting than that is the ability to save stories in PDF format or MOBI and them port them over to Nooks and Kindles. That right there drew me in. With somewhere around 200,000 archived stories, its still in a beta stage and the culture on the site hasn’t developed to the point that there’s real protocol yet.

But the site offers something Fan does not. It’s still evolving and changing. If the world has taught us anything today, its that being stagnant is like poison. That’s why Barnes & Noble still exists while Borders is dust in the wind. When things refuse to change and adjust to the needs of the people or to just be innovative in a way that moves things forward—someone eventually comes along and dethrones them.

The site works on a system of invites and I’m working on securing mine right now. It also will have a place for Fan Videos and Fan Art, hopefully driving some people away from Deviant Art too because God knows that cesspool needs it.