I’m working on getting my name out there. I used to shrug off the idea of self-publishing because it seemed like a dirty word.

Unsold books on Amazon.com with terrible covers that are riddled with mistakes—that’s what I thought of when I imagined the world of self-publishing. Distribution was hard and finding someone trustworthy to edit was nigh impossible.

Now we’ve invented a system of creating books digitally, which only requires the author to properly format their file. Then find a few scrutinizing people to pour over the document before publishing.

True. People still doubt the medium—with good reason. There’s very little actual quality control out there. Part of that’s a good thing. No one is there to police the medium and tell writers what’s too controversial or unsavory for their publication.

The author controls the content. Editing needs to be carefully handled since there are no official channels to go through before the book reaches the reader’s hands.

I’ve this into consideration and come up with a plan. I’m going to continue on my path to publish the, as of yet unnamed, novel through the usual channels where I have to compete with thousands of manuscripts and deadlines and the like.

And I’m working on a second short story that is for e-publication in the very near future. It also is without a name as of yet, but it’s a newer idea. By the time its finished I should have something.

In the end I feel like this is a good compromise, we’ll see how it turns out.


2 thoughts on “New Determination

  1. Self-publishing a quality book isn’t impossible. Though it’s a huge labor of love. It took me 8 months to get everything right (and that’s only the production phase, not the writing itself). Totally worth it, though. I learned a lot about publishing from that experience.


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