A lot of the hard thing about being a Doctor Who fan is the arguments that break out when you talk to other fans. This is an excerpt from a forum post on a site I really don’t use anymore.

I love Matt and his quirks but I really wish David had stayed on for a few more years, maybe then the Eleventh doctor wouldn’t have turned into such a huge basket case. I mean Ten’s life was not only short (He only aged 7 years chronologically), but was fucking depressing, like I would have loved to see another season and maybe have David’s doctor live for a few centuries before sucking the life out of him just as realizes he can still do more.

It’s usually David Tennant related. I don’t hate the guy or his work. But I do feel like a lot of the love of him is fan-boying or fan-girling. Now we all have characters we love. For instance, I think Molly Hooper hung the stars.

Let's take a moment to remember who Molly is.

I don’t allow it to effect my opinion of other characters or situations in the show.

Tennant was the Doctor from late 2005 until 2010. That’s a five year run and considering that he was doing full seasons and specials, he had a decent run. People refuse to give Matt Smith a chance. I actually like Smith better than Tennant. I think his Doctor is more alien and weird, I think he plays a character better—whereas I felt that Tennant played himself.

He played himself so much so that he would slip into his accent sometimes and they would just go with it. A lot of my problem with the RTD era of Doctor Who is writing related. But nearly all of my problems with the fans are Rose and Ten related.

Usually if someone said something like the above quote, I would jump in there ready to argue it out. But its not worth it. Maybe that’s the important thing I’ve finally come to the realization of. After all people are going to have different opinions and some of them might be kind of unfounded or flat out proven wrong by the facts. But there’s no point in me trying to play “Opinion Police”.


4 thoughts on “Tennant vs. Smith

    1. I didn’t like the quote from the forum if that’s what you’re thinking. But yeah I feel like far too much of the David Tennant love is silly and unwarranted. The guy did a good job, a better job than Nine, but I don’t think he’s the second coming or anything.


  1. I think, 10th was a little bit “hipster” and 11th is a complete weirdo. I love them both but Matt’s version of Doctor is more attractive. I know that from my friends’ reactions. I have many friends who started to watch Doctor Who after Matt’s appear on screen. They love it and they started to watch the whole serie from the beginning. I don’t see any bad things about Matt here, because he manage to bring brand new taste to the show and of course he manage to bring brand new “fandom”. Good article btw 😉


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