My mind is doing that horrible thinking thing. The one where it runs wild with thoughts that really aren’t doing me or the viewers at home good. I’m thinking of reading something to try and quiet all of this.

I was in a book store recently and I remembered that Burdge Bug used to draw Percy Jackson and the Olympians fan art when I saw a table for the books in the center of the room. If you haven’t ever seen this woman’s work, I would bolt over there and check it out. She does magic with pencils.

Her fan art was the reason I finally broke down and read Harry Potter last year. With the ease of reading on the Kindle and the fact that I have nothing to do right now, I might have to check into that series.

Either that or I can finish up Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (its really good, but it’s a bit of a heavy read). I also haven’t started the second book of the Hunger Games series and I wanted to do that. I actually have a good little bout of reading I can embark on. Hopefully it will be enough to keep all of the worrying and fretting at bay.


2 thoughts on “Choices

    1. Yeah she’s one of my favorites. There’s just something about how she does all of her pencil work. And she seems to take such care with each character that she sees them just how I imagined them. Thanks for the comment!


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