I’ve decided to give Percy Jackson a try since its not that long and I need something else like that to read to keep busy. A few months back, when I read Hunger Games I was shocked by how I just couldn’t put it down. The book is magnetic. I read tweets from several other people saying they had a similar experience when they picked it up.

Young Adult fiction has seen a boom as of late. And I’m not talking about Twilight—though it was part of it. I’m talking about it being much more ambitious than one would assume from what it’s supposed to be. Books like Looking for Alaska were handled in such a way that it felt like teens talking, which might not always be the kind of thing parents want their kids to see, but it needs to be realized that people talk like that.

I’m usually shocked when someone doesn’t want cursing in a book or complains about slight mentions of sex or violence or even drinking. How does someone who can’t take any of these things live in the real world? The world isn’t censored and as much as people wish they could cut out everything that’s the slightest bit offensive to them, its impossible.

When I finish the book I’ll put my thoughts here. I’ll try and press through the rest of the Hunger Games and put something up about the three books here too. (I’d like to try and finish that before or as the movie hits theaters.)

2 thoughts on “Young Adult

  1. I agree about the recent avalanche of good YA fiction. I started reading this genre when teaching 6th grade, after college, and loved the way this genre compelled me to keep reading. I think these series, Hunger Games and Percy Jackson among them, definitely have changed my writing.


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