There’s a new contender out there in the world of massive online fan fiction databases and for the first time ever, its got something new to bring to the table. I’m only just hearing about An Archive of Our Own, but I like it. Some very noteworthy features are the kudos button, which functions in the same way the “Like” button does.

Even more interesting than that is the ability to save stories in PDF format or MOBI and them port them over to Nooks and Kindles. That right there drew me in. With somewhere around 200,000 archived stories, its still in a beta stage and the culture on the site hasn’t developed to the point that there’s real protocol yet.

But the site offers something Fan does not. It’s still evolving and changing. If the world has taught us anything today, its that being stagnant is like poison. That’s why Barnes & Noble still exists while Borders is dust in the wind. When things refuse to change and adjust to the needs of the people or to just be innovative in a way that moves things forward—someone eventually comes along and dethrones them.

The site works on a system of invites and I’m working on securing mine right now. It also will have a place for Fan Videos and Fan Art, hopefully driving some people away from Deviant Art too because God knows that cesspool needs it.


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