A friend of mine tried to write a story once, it was Final Fantasy fan fiction and he didn’t get far before throwing in the towel. But when he first started I was looking over the whole thing and it was all in present tense. I asked him why he did that and he asked what was wrong with it. I explained that its rare to see a novel or short story in present tense…its just odd.

I was right. I wrote two short pieces in present tense and people seem creeped out and unnerved by them but they can’t seem to notice the tense. It’s good to know that effect is there, but I could never do a whole novel in present tense because it would be too odd and hard. I’m so used to past. It’s nice to know that for something short and experimental, though, present tense has its place.


2 thoughts on “Present tense

    1. Is it really? I read it I don’t remember it at all, but it could explain the dream like nature that the book seems to have in the early chapters. It does look more natural to do present tense in first person.


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