A few days ago I came across a recorded fan fiction on MP3 being read out loud, much in the same way you would find books on tape in a store. I’ve tried the book on tape thing and it can be good if you’re in a car a lot of the time like me or just want to clean and use your hands while listening to the book. But the thought never occurred to me to record any of my own writing. If it ever did cross my mind for a moment, it was never a fan fic that I thought of.

Now I’m obsessed with giving one of my own the same treatment. I just need to find the right person to read it. When I finally do get it done, I will find some way to post it here. If someone reads this and is interested in being the person to read and record the fic: the applicant needs to be British and a female.

Leave a message on the blog and I will get it.

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