This might just be my dark, twisted nerd fantasy…but I would love to see an All-Star D&D game played by real A-List celebrities. Who, you might be asking? Well I’ll tell you who!

Vin Diesel – he’s already admitted to having a few funny looking dice in his past. So he was the first one to come to mind. He’d be playing a Barbarian or Fighter for sure.

There are others that I picked just for the cool factor.

Dame Judi Dench – she would have the job of DMing the whole affair. For those of you not familiar with the language, she’d be running and narrating the story of the game. If she’s not available then Morgan Freeman is as good a choice. Hell, let the both take turns.

Alison Brie – after her stent rolling initiative on Community I’d like to see her involved in a proper game. I’m thinking Ranger or Scout for her. 

Next on the roster we have Seth Rogen – the comedic actor would bring some flavor to the group. I’d think he’d be the Bard. That just seems to fit him.

For the role of Rogue we have Samuel L. Jackson. Why? Because he’s bad ass that’s why. I could see him with an eye patch sneaking up and knifing people in the backs.

Every party needs a strong, Paladin. Not really but it’s a game staple. I thought long and hard about this and who better to wear the mantle than Sir Thomas Sean Connery?

To round out this rag tag bunch I would like to see Bill Gates or Willem Dafoe in the role of Necromancer. Of course the he’d have to hide his nature because otherwise the Paladin would murder him.

This will never happen of course because no one wants to watch anyone sit around a table and role dice on a play mat while imagining the action. No one but me. But sometimes my imagination gets the best of me.


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