I fancy myself a writer, but there are a lot of the standard writer activities that I have never really engaged in. I’ve never been part of a real, honest to god writers’ group. The prospect of having to put up and deal with other writers doesn’t often appeal to me. Other things I haven’t done in a long time. It’s been a long time since I’ve read or written in a coffee shop that didn’t own its own record label and have a nationwide chain. It’s a different sort of feel and the people there aren’t of the same caliber.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with chain stores, but I like the environment of a quieter, more downplayed coffee shop and there really aren’t enough of those.

So I set out to find a homegrown coffee shop that had its own charm and feel. Of course I didn’t start trekking across the city aimlessly, I carried my ass to Google like any intelligent person would and searched.

That’s how I found Agora, nestled in the heart of the Rice Village, but somehow managing to escape the Rice Village’s prices. It’s slightly trendy in its own right, but it has good beer, a quiet atmosphere and its open late every day. Something tells me I’ll be coming back to this place.


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