One of the most important things, as I have been saying for a while, if I’m going to self-publish Keep Austin Weird is that I get it completely free of mistakes and continuity errors before I ever let one penny come in for the book itself. The best way to do that is to let a fresh pair of eyes look at it. Many of my friends around me here don’t read or have heard so much about this thing in the planning stage because it started off as more of a joke.

They’re not my ideal beta-reader. I’m stealing the phrase from Stephen King’s On Writing, though he used ideal reader. What I basically want is a person who knows either nothing at all about the story or who knows the bare minimum. Anyone who’s interested in reading and giving feedback would be greatly appreciated, though I’m kind of wary about letting this thing out on the internet so you might be met with some skepticism if I don’t know you personally.

To my friends elsewhere, in other countries or parts of the US: I would be happy to share my work with you when I am done if you’re so inclined to read it. As it gets closer to competition and once it gets completed I will be looking for people more aggressively.

Anyone have a good strategy for finding someone?


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