Self publishing an e-book doesn’t mean that I want to be disrespectful and step on the toes of the industry. I’m not that angry writer who sees the traditional publishing as out to get them and I actually do plan to try to go through the agents and steps to get my actual novel published someday.

red08Still I want to do this e-book right. The title I have been eyeing Keep Austin Weird is a phrase coined by Red Wassenich. I looked up his contact information and website. There was a picture and frankly the guy looks like a cross between Mr. Feeny (from Boy Meets World) and Indiana Jones’s father—which automatically catapults him into the realm of the epic. On top of that he has a hand in publishing himself. I knew right away I was destined to e-mail him about this matter.

So here I am taking baby steps, trying to be professional and asking for permission to use someone else’s brainchild and slogan. Wish me luck.

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