A few weeks ago I posted here about e-mailing the person who coined the phrase Keep Austin Weird, Red Wassenich. He replied back then that I could use the phrase as the title, but that it wouldn’t be wise to because there was already a book out, written by him, using it. I thanked him in my reply and told him that I already had planned what to do if it wouldn’t work and in some ways I think going ahead with that might distinguish the book from the phrase itself.

The title I decided on, if you couldn’t tell already from what’s right above this post, is Keep Austin Safe. If I can, I’m probably going to have the word ‘Weird’ appear with a strikeout line through it. All of this fits the basic flavor of the e-book.

As far as the work on the project is coming, I’ve had some critiques lately that I’m taking into consideration. One thing I don’t like about critiques is when they judge something before they’ve even read one word. Someone spoke of there being a prologue before even getting the chance to see it and there’s no way they could have known any of what it would imply. Other times it seems that the reader is only partially paying attention because they question little nitpicky things that are explained right in the text.

I am going to keep at it though, I have a lot of work I plan to do on this tonight and hopefully I get things to a position where I can finish up the last act of the book and start really editing it soon.


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