Porn Stars Can Be Nerds Too


I ran across a semi-long running blog with that goes by the catchy title Playing D&D with Porn Stars, which features a few real adult film actresses, a hair dresser and an exotic dancer playing Dungeons and Dragons together in Hollywood.

Needless to say, whatever it was that I was looking for when I ran across this immediately got tossed out the window. I mentioned it to another friend who played and he said that he’d actually come across a vlog with the same idea, sure enough it was the same group (more recently the vlog hasn’t been updated, but the blog is still going strong).


I’m impressed with the sheer number of people out there willing to admit and partake in nerdy things these days. It wasn’t so long ago that even touching a tabletop or video game meant you were a social pariah or at the very least that you couldn’t discuss these things with your normal friends. Now a decent chunk of people play video games and tabletop seems to attract people from all walks of life, even porn stars.

In the midst of my editing frenzy and the turmoil going on in my head due to various, personal issues I found this little tidbit fun and thought it might brighten someone else’s day too. 

The Partys Tiefling Cleric and Half-Elf Barbarian

The girls involved are Mandy Morbid, Caroline Pierce, Satine Phoenix, Kimberly Kane, (the porn stars) Connie (the exotic dancer) and Frankie (the hair dresser).


Nothing New Under the Sun

A friend of mine who is actually much more well read than me and I have been having discussions in the past few weeks about the books that she is reading now that school is over. Eventually these talks led to us discussing my own writing in relation to the things she had seen in the past and it’s weird to see that things I had no idea were popular or even used in fiction get used much more than I thought.

Back when I became obsessed with Nephilim (for those that don’t know a Nephilim is the child of an Angel and a Human) I had never seen them used anywhere in literature and I think I had heard tell of them in one movie. I discovered them when reading about something from the Bible and the concept was completely foreign to me but seemed so interesting. They’re now a prominent set piece in my fiction. The thing is, my friend also tells me that they’re getting more and more common in fiction in general.

There is a part of me that wants to seek out some of these books and see what other authors have done with this creature, but then again another part of me knows that could be detrimental to my writing. I wouldn’t want what those other authors are doing to creep into my own works and possibly taint it. But what if I am covering the same ground, the same ground that’s been covered over and over again. Shouldn’t I know what’s there so that I can avoid it?

Reading just inside of the area on which you are planning to write can hurt the diversity of your work and also contaminate it with played out tropes and old ideas. Truthfully there is nothing new out there. Everything seems to be a rehash of the old.

Right now, I’m editing and trying to pluck away a lot of the unnecessary fluff in the story that really serves no purpose. It’s hard work and I actually edit on paper which is why you don’t see me on this blog as much. It’s kind of an intimate process and there’s not much of interest that you’ll want to hear about from it. That being said, I will try and write more. 

Writing Binge

I need to sit down completely distraction free and work on some writing. When I finally got the chance to do that this past week by sitting in Denny’s for several hours and working on the opening for the e-book it was amazing how much I was able to complete, but with all of the obligations I’ve started to rack up during the week I don’t see this becoming a regular thing. there was a time when I could spend so much of my alone time writing that I felt like a shut in.

Starting to make friends again has changed that and while I have a desire to write, I don’t think that I have the same drive I used to. I need to get that back, once I get the ball rolling it seems like I have a hard time coming to a stop. Hopefully this week I can binge out on writing like the old days.