A friend of mine, April, got a chance to look over Keep Austin Weird Safe, she seemed to be feeling the vibe I was trying to send out. Also it seems that my editing actually helped a lot of the problems with the earlier editions get ironed out. I want the books to be very short and have an episodic fee. Basically I want to write the hour long science fiction-fantasy drama…but in book form. From what I have planned it shouldn’t take the reader too terribly long to go over all of it.

More than anything I want it to read in a fun, interesting way. From what April told me there’s only a few minor issues here and there, which is what I was had hoped for (I think that it’s the best any author can hope for, everyone makes mistakes).  

I sent the first part of the book to her alone, so the changes I am making to the narrative now effect mostly the later parts. For all she knows the things that I change will have always been this way and since that will be the case we can see how coherent the changes are in action. I will be keeping a few copies of the original write ups without the changes around just in case they fail miserably and need to be dialed back to how they were.

In other news, the big novel (the actual big book I’ve had planned for years now that still, as of yet, has no name) has had a small revision made. It’s basically about to get a whole lot more interesting and all because of a conversation with my best friend. I forget how important bouncing ideas off others can be…


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