That was the title of a thread I read recently on a forum. The post was a man describing how he almost raped a girl and then was stopped at the last minute by the fact that he really respected her. Though, since he called her a whore a few sentences before that, I think the jury’s still out on that one.

Some of the replies are actually concerned that it was unfair that he didn’t get to have sex that night. One person even says “At least she finished you off some kind of way, that would have sucked.”

The original post on the forum ended by asking other men if they’ve had a similar experience. Other than a few people answering jokingly, no one has said yes I don’t think.

When I read the title I thought it was to grab attention. A lot of guys will admit to kissing a girl who didn’t want them to or trying,  but I would think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who would admit to wanting to rape a woman. That’s entirely different from the kiss thing, in fact I don’t think it’s something inborn in us. Though the person writing this thread thought it was: “It felt so natural, like it was instinct”. Kind of makes me understand why women don’t trust men.

Your reason for not wanting to rape someone shouldn’t have to do with the law if you’re right inside, it should just be because it’s wrong. Because it hurts another person and can ruin their life.

There’s something wrong with anyone who thinks their entitled to someone else’s body. I have a blog I keep for personal topics, ranting, and the like—it’s separate from this with good reason. I try to keep my politics out of here, because that stuff is polarizing. But I think this kind of thing needs to be talked about more often by anyone who has any sort of voice. This shouldn’t hinge on political affiliation, religion, race or even gender. All people should be able to agree that rape is just plain wrong.


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