I seem to write best under conditions that should be the most distracting, it must be why I choose to do this in all night diners and restaurants as opposed to my house where I can control every aspect of the noise level.

Most of the time I can get around the sound of the place with the help of the noise canceling headphones and my iPOD. But I feel so strange when I read the advice of all of these people telling me that I should write in some room shut off from the rest of society for fear that the noise from other people will ruin my will to write.  All of the noise and movement helps to keep me alert and once you’ve paid for it there’s an endless supply of caffeine.

A while back writing in a Starbucks used to be the in thing, so much so that a lot of shows and the like made jokes about it. But it was a nice place to write. Not so much anymore, the quietness of the place was replaced with the loud obnoxious yapping of people on cellphones without the ability to regulate their volume.

It seems I have a need to rotate out the place I write, staying in one too long doesn’t work. The diner thing might be what gets my creative juices flowing now, but there’s no telling what will work next.


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