For anyone who has struggled with writing fight scenes, especially believable ones for small female characters or characters in supernatural worlds where things are generally stronger than them, these posts are a must read.

Real-Life Urban Fantasy Heroine?

Three Writing Lessons from Krav Maga

Krav Maga Lesson on Distraction

Breaking the Big Guys Down [Krav Maga for Writers]

There is really something for anyone here who thinks they might even write just a little bit of fighting in their stories. It’s good to have a background where the character could know these kinds of things in place even before they start to put them into practice. The good thing about Krav Maga is it’s used in practical situations and it’s designed so that just about anyone can utilize it.

While we probably won’t be seeing any flashy fighting from the ladies in Keep Austin Safe, Holly Prescott from my main series actually uses Krav Maga regularly and she claims that it’s her dominant go to form. So I might be taking a lot of this to heart.


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