It used to be that I couldn’t even get through the day without thinking about the novel that I had plotted out over the years. Really this all started back in junior high school with me writing Fan Fiction until my characters got to big to fit into the pre-made worlds I had chosen for them and they needed their own space free of distractions.

The early versions of Lewis and Holly were primitive and badly written. But I loved writing them and for almost ten years after I started doing that, I honed my craft and planned the details. The whole thing was meant to be a series and I never really had other stories. Sure I dabbled in fan fiction here and there, but I never actually had my own other stories. So when Keep Austin Safe came into being from a joke I made about writing a book comprised of hipsters as characters—I was shocked and felt renewed. I had a new idea. albeit one that ended up being set in the same universe.

But since I started to get into Keep Austin Safe I haven’t really done anything with me other novel. The unnamed novel that was just too big to fit into the words I imagined being the title. The novel is what I called complete, but the beta reader that I had look over it noted some serious flaws in some of the characterization and there was an undesired effect from how one of the main characters was portrayed. Also, the theme was very loose and needed to be tied down, along with other editing and the like.

The book was nowhere near ready to see the light of day or regular publication. But It was workable and enjoyable. Now I am starting to wonder if it’s not time to hunker down and rewrite it as a new draft, fix the mistakes as I go and get it ready to be out there. Some of the things I am doing need to be changed, especially since Keep Austin Safe effects that book now. Some of the characters will crossover at a later date and some of them might become the focus of the action in both books.

There are a lot of notes that I have from when my friend read over the book and when I read over it that would definitely come into play in a rewrite. But this time I would have to structure things in a more concrete way and make better outlines. That is only if I decide to do this.

When it comes to making the final choice, I will actually wait until after Keep Austin Safe is done.


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