For the longest time I was a one story man. This as of yet untitled novel has been hanging around in my head since before I was old enough to legally drive a car and when I finally start to write it I thought to myself: “This will be the only series of books I could ever see myself writing.”

Then around March of this year something amazing happened, I got this idea for heroines who weren’t particularly heroic. Not at first anyway. Now what happened was they grew to be more than the hipster-esque caricatures that I had first envisioned them as. That is the story that became Keep Austin Safe.

Now there’s something else budding up in there and I am wondering where all of it comes from. For over a decade I didn’t have new ideas, just new ways to deal with the old ones. But recently I have been having flashes of little things I want to do something separate with. I’m just wondering if I will have time to use anymore of them.

First thing is first, though: I need to get Keep Austin Safe further along before I commit to anything else. One book on the back burner is enough.

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