It was around the time that I searched for Dragon Names that I think this would make an interesting blog topic. Mostly because there’s some pretty wild stuff in my search query. Here is a list of just some of the wild things I’ve looked up:

-Fictional creatures
-Aztec Myth
-Women’s and Men’s Fashion
-Gun maintenance
Biblical quotes
-Islamic views on Lucifer/Satan
-Various names of Demons, Monsters, etc
-Examples of Eldritch Horrors
-Types of Time Travel Theory
-Various words in other languages (especially Latin)
-Krav Maga gun disarms
-Google Map searches for things all over the world
-The Tower of Babel
-Pregnancy Facts
-Baby names
-Surviving a free fall from a plane
-Gunshot wound care
-How much blood can you use before you black out
-Copyright and usage law

Fun times. There’s not much I can say about this…except wipe your cookies regularly folks.


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