Anyone who says that emotional exhaustion is not the same as just being tired doesn’t know a thing. I am finding out more and more the toll that something that’s not physically strenuous at all can take on us if we’re just not feeling up to it and in a bad place for it. Writing has been nearly impossible for me before this past week and my efforts to remedy it have been worthless for the most part.

I managed to put some words down on the page earlier this week and being off for four days in a row will really help. But there is so much distraction when I’m off. The biggest one being the fact that I am super tired. Last night I slept from about ten hours straight, which is a lot for me seeing as how I normally can’t manage over six.

I am hoping that today while I’m stuck in the house, I can get something productive done. I owe the guy running our game some writing on my character, I need to get a few thousand words cranked out on Keep Austin Safe and I need to do some work with character building for the characters in the book.

Well, I guess all that’s left is to get cracking.


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