Part of me has always wanted to do something in this genre and something recently flipped inside of me and I think I am going to try it. Maybe not a novel at first but something short. I never write short fiction and this seems like a good place to start.

Steampunk has always held a special place in my heart, well since I realized what it was that I was actually seeing. But the mixture of the beautiful Victorian fashions with the wood and brace laced technological advancements that would have been envisioned by people from that time period just make me giddy. I know that’s a really strange thing to say.

I’m approaching this in a new way, for me at least, I’m doing an outline and taking this one slow. I have two large projects going on and another one that’s bouncing around inside of my head. This will be something I can keep short, possibly to shop around to magazines and websites later as a sort of show of my work.

Having new ideas is just exciting for me. I went so long without them that I don’t even know how to react. Don’t worry, though. Keep Austin Safe is at the forefront of things right now.


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