The majority of the books that I read, come to think of it, are first person. This viewpoint seems to be the more dominant one in modern writing because of the closeness it offers to the thoughts of the character. But it does tend to limit what the author can say about the other characters and their thoughts because everything is through the eyes of the viewpoint character.

I’m not used to writing first person, though. I’ve always thought of third person limited as my go to view point. To me it just made the most sense. You kind of get the best of both worlds. You get some of the closeness of first person without the strict restrictions. Despite what I have read most of my life, third seems to be the most natural to me.

But sometimes a story doesn’t want to be told in third person. Sometimes it’s screaming at you that it needs to be in first person. Everything in it demands first person. It’s fighting to get out of you in that way and threatening to fall apart if it doesn’t get it’s way. Keep Austin Safe is going through this right now and I think I should appease it.

The story, in my mind, should be read in first person. We should be in this girl’s head for this one, I keep thinking.

The problem is that I’ve trained myself to write one way. I’ve never really had to work on my first person because I avoid it when I feel it should be done. I’ve put too much work into this story to go and avoid it or write it in some way that it doesn’t want to be told now. So how do you relearn an instinct?

Thus far the only way I see to pull this off is to power through it. If I keep pushing, I’ll make it somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Struggles With First Person

  1. Interesting…. when I first started writing properly I automatically wrote in the first person – I think because I had imagined myself in my plot and had a very strong sense of that point of view. The first novel I wrote in the third person was quite difficult, and even though it was third person, it was from one character’s perspective. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, so thanks for this post!


    1. I think that tried first person briefly in my Fan Fiction days but something about it didn’t seem natural to me then, like I wasn’t doing it right. And I have never been able to shake that feeling. To this day I am reading stuff and trying to get just what it is that makes all of this work out.

      And you’re welcome! Thanks for reading!


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