I decided a few weeks ago that  I needed to try a new approach to writing. Around that same time I posted on here that I needed to come up with a way to actually do a first person narrative.

That would prove to be a big hurtle and because of it I delved into the world of first person books. Of course some of my favorite books are first person, Fight Club and Prep come to mind, but at the same time I read both of those books so far apart and they were both so different from the kind of first person that I thought I needed to see that I needed to put myself into that world for a while.

So I read about five books in first person and I took some notes, I dug out my Characters and Viewpoint book by Orson Scott Card. I started taking a serious look at it for the first time in years. My mistake was thinking that I wouldn’t ever need first person. A long while back I made up my mind that I was going to be a third person writer…and nothing else.

That was the mistake of an amateur and I only wish I had learned the error of my ways sooner. I could have worked on this all that time, but now I am having to struggle for it. I am having to really fight my way into some respectable level of skill, while when working with third person I feel completely at home most of the time.

Writing is filled with lessons that I will never be done learning. I think that is part of what makes it all so exciting for me. I’m almost ready to start back up on the writing now, but there might be one thing I have to go do first. The main character of Keep Austin Safe might be getting her own blog where I make little posts and things like that. Just spoiler-lite filler that I can use to keep the character’s voice fresh in my head. There should be a link coming to that soon, if it does indeed happen.

Also, I am still enlisting the help of my best friend. Though his level involvement in the project still remains to be seen. It could range from artwork to some kind of co-author. He’s not much up for the writing part but the plotting could be something work on. I already spend a lot of time bouncing ideas off of him.


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