This is going to be a short blog, but I just caught wind of this a little while ago and I had another post I was working on that was getting nowhere. So I decided to use this as an addendum to the earlier post on sluts. This time a Senate candidate from Indiana said that rape pregnancies were something God intended to happen. This not only blames God for something that a horrible person did of their own free will, but it is an insult to rape victims everywhere and yet another way that abortion is being fought through tactics akin to burning everything down and hoping you get the problem with it.

I would believe this was more about the baby in the abortion, which is the only real argument against abortion, if there wasn’t so much slut shamming and general misogyny tied in with all of this mess.

If you’re curious to see what the candidate said and what his response after the fact was, look here. The You Tube video has mysterious vanished but good ol’ C-SPAN is there for us.

I don’t think people like Mourdock are the cause, they’re a symptom of a larger, more sinister problem engrained in our culture and the more I see said the more I realize that it will be hard to weed this out because these attitudes are really prevalent.


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