Anyone who has been around a while should know my feelings about Nano. Since it’s that time of year again and one of the first things other authors ask me when I meet them around this time of year is if I am in fact going to be joining the community of people who subscribe to the Nano thing.

I won’t speak ill of those who go for it and anything that motivates you to write is just what works for you. But I think that the main thing people need to remember with Nano is that when they fail (and let’s face it most people will fail) it’s not the end of the world and it’s not the end of their writing career. Of course this year being 2012 and depending on which lunatic you talk to, it might very well be the end of the world not too long after. If you’re one of the type that believes that then you won’t have long to worry about any of this anyway.


2 thoughts on “Another Nano Post

    1. A lot of writers I come across think they are going to be the exceptions to the norm: they want to write without ever reading anything extensively and they want to write without editing or even reading back over something they’ve written. One guy I kind of know is writing a story that everyone tells him is too long because it starts too late in the action (you get about sixty thousand words in before the main story starts) and he hopes to sell it even though most new authors have trouble selling anything over 110K and his is 180K.


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