Pretty long title, but it explains the entire point of the post I’m writing today. Just when I had started to work on the Keep Austin Safe, something came over me and told me that it should be written in first person. I got this idea that I was going to do the whole thing in first person and it was going to be grand and insightful. Only problem is that I’m terrible at first person and it limits me from having the ease of switching characters (which is something I banked on when I planned this).

Now I am standing on the edge of making a change to my plan and I am thinking that it might be for the better. This whole thing might just need the third person treatment that I am so used to writing. At least when it came to third person I was sitting down and writing and actually doing something. Every since I made the choice to switch this out I’ve been sitting on my hands and not doing anything.

Better a goal I’m reaching for than one so lofty it doesn’t even spark my drive. And yes, some of you might notice this is a dangerous line of thought. What if the Astronauts had thought this when they were going to the moon or something? There are shades of gray in everything—things aren’t black and white and you don’t just have to go from one extreme to the other. This line of thought might work for some situations and there has to be some maturity and experience in deciding which times it would be best to step things back a little.

One important thing to ask yourself is if there is another way to accomplish this goal without sacrificing the quality while not doing whatever is blocking you from working. Every time I wonder that the same thing comes back and I realize that the way forward was the original way I had planned this. Third person.

After all, there’s nothing inherently wrong or right with third person. When you compare the viewpoints most of what people argue over is preference. I’m probably the only author I know personally who started writing in third person first. Then again, I’ve never been one to write characters that were similar to me—which would make first person harder.

At this point there’s nothing left to do but forge on. Though I will conquer first person some day…more than likely right after I write something that’s not fantasy or science fiction related…


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