It seems that as of late I have been lacking things to say and inspiration. Real life threw me for some loops here and there, but I think that should pass over the next few weeks. Just my luck it’s the holidays, though. I’ve always found it particularly hard to write between Thanksgiving and New Years, I’m not exactly sure why.

Of course the ideas are still there, still churning and working their way around inside of my head. I’m playing with the idea of not using this first Keep Austin Safe as an origin story. Or if I do, altering how I do it. From the beginning I had this idea that it should be written in a sort of episodic, television format. In the Joss Whedon show Firefly we didn’t get a how-they-met explanation until episode eight “Out of Gas” and that was all told through Flashbacks.

There’s an old saying about the beginning not always being the best place to start, I think I might be experiencing that. Luckily I have other cases and stories for the ladies (and guy) to work on already sort of plotted out and I could just pick up one of those as a first story and go back and tell this origin story later if need be.

Still there’s risk in that route, but there’s the pay off of not going the traditional route and getting to explore a semi established character group. Though that might be trouble.


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