What will the New Year bring? I am hoping that at some point I will actually get to sit down and write during 2013. I would hate to make a New Years Resolution because I generally think them to be stupid and a waste of time (how many people actually ever keep them?), but I would say that I’m aching to write except for when I sit down to do it and nothing comes. I have got to break that habit and force myself to write. I blame work for the problem though because it has become harder and harder for me to get anything out since I started this job.

One thing that I have actually changed as of December 26th is I have started drawing again. Not hardcore all of the time like I used to, but I spent several hours for a few days sketching some things. I plan to do some character sketches and other things, I might post them on here even. Though I’m still not that good, I was looking to try and adopt a bit of a cartoony style for some things.

It is looking increasingly likely that I will be running a Pathfinder game for my friends. For those of you not familiar with Pathfinder it’s basically Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 updated and slightly streamlined. In simpler terms, it’s  table top role playing game where each person assumes the role of a character they made or that is pre-generated and they set off on a cooperative adventure with one person moderating the game. Despite all of the bad stuff people say about D&D and nerds if you get past your preconceptions the game can be pretty much fun for anyone, I mean I found that blog about porn stars playing it.

Running a game takes a lot of extra time and prep, but in some ways a lot of the skills you need as a writer transfer over. And I think it’s good to learn to improvise storylines for when things don’t go as you planned. While the big thing this year for me is the writing and getting back to Keep Austin Safe, I think that all of these things are important because they’re what I enjoy doing. 2012 didn’t have a lot of that.

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