I decided to check out Looper this week. Back when the movie came out I was interested in seeing it, but I rarely make the trip to the movies. I didn’t go see the Hobbit and I still haven’t seen the Amazing Spider Man movie. The way I see it, I hit all of the biggest ones and I eventually check out the others on Bluray or DVD. Recently I managed to see Men in Black 3 and Brave—I was satisfied with both of them. But I took my sweet time seeing them.

People are always telling me that I need to see this or that so badly, but no one had mentioned Looper. So when I finally made the effort to check it out I was shocked it was so good and at the same time I was even more shocked that it had managed to get a 94% (as of this date) on Rotten Tomatoes. They’re usually pretty hard on these type of movies and even though I loved it and checked the reviews after out of some kind of sick curiosity, I was glad to see that the critics had liked it too. Not them disliking it would have made me change my mind.

I would recommend Looper, because it has interesting ideas about time travel. They’re not new ideas, but the way they’ve set up the story and shown the rules was well done. They weren’t really stuck in this endless exposition—they showed a lot of the things that normally would have been told to us. Showing versus telling is something that really shouldn’t be an issue in movies, but it still is. Movies have much easier time showing us things and they sometimes insist on telling.

Probably one of the best things about the movie is that it’s a very localized story, though there are hints of things under the surface; a television in the background showing a message about these events across the world with a splash of a word that we will remember from earlier in the movie. The movie doesn’t treat us stupid. It doesn’t spend all of this time trying to show you parts of the world you don’t need to see. It tells it’s story, hints and shows what you need to know and pushes right alone.

In an odd turn of things, the more I reflect on it the more I like it. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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