I have been trying to resume something resembling a regular writing regiment. It’s significantly more difficult now that I have writer’s block and an active social life. So far I think I am managing to get somewhere. Two thousand words have been done since my last post.

There are some characters in Keep Austin Safe that appear in other places in my writing. Some of them go by different names more of the time. For instance Lewis and Holly from the novel are more often referred to as Agents Reynolds and Prescott in the Keep Austin Safe. It wasn’t a conscious choice I made to do this. When I started writing it just happened that way. I guess it really is perspective that dictates things like that.

It’s interesting to note that in Aurthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series it is very rare for Watson or Holmes to ever refer to each other by their first names. This is just odd, when you think about it by today’s real world standards. Which is probably why in the BBC Sherlock they pretty much only refer to each other by their first names—the same way you and I would. It’s a small change really and one you might not even notice because the use of first names is so common, it’s just how we do things.

My reasoning behind using the last names of the characters in Keep Austin Safe is kind of the same. Normally when someone else refers to an authority figure like a police officer, judge or Federal agent they would do so by last name. Since the story doesn’t really belong to Lewis and Holly in this instance I think that it’s appropriate to refer to them in that way.

One of the other characters I refer to differently is one I can’t discuss at length because in her case it’s actually because she pretends to be someone she’s not in the novel and the name would give her away. There’s no pointing in spoiling stuff in my narrative if I don’t have to.


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