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When I walked into this I had a lot of preconceived notions about what to expect. I wasn’t a part of the Harry Potter fan community back when Cassandra Clare was, but I remember the rift she caused in it and there’s still some of that same rift going around today. Those battle lines drawn over her Draco Trilogy were never really erased and her version of Draco has become somewhat a staple in the community because it’s more interesting than what Draco turned out to be.

So when I read this I was expecting to hate it and spend my time picking out the similarities between it and Harry Potter. But after about 10% of the book passing that faded. Mundanes were the Muggles of this word, that’s true. And there were other small things, but there was a lot here to suck you in. Clare is a good writer, she can tell a story and it sucked me in and surprised me, really really surprised me in the end and she’s not too scared to go to a place that a lot of YA authors won’t. I won’t spoil any of that, because that’s what got this book that last star…that and the fact I just read Hush Hush and anything is better than the tormenting characterization of some of the characters in that book.

I literally stopped reading the book to write this and tonight, when I get off from work I am going to be reading the second one. 

Reading this it’s not hard to see how she made the leap from this to Fan Fiction. it reads less like a fan story with the numbers filed off and more like someone who wrote so far and realized she had a unique way of looking at these characters and that they weren’t who they had started out being in the beginning of it. What really got me to liking this book—this is a four star review, by the way—was that she took risk and mentioned gender issues and gays and other things that are still somewhat taboo. I have a soft spot for people who dare to tackle things like that.


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