phpBBFor the better part of the last fifteen years or so I’ve been an avid user of forum sites. It started with the old Nintendo of America boards in the mid-nineties when the popularity of Golden Eye and Ocarina of Time  had practically every game playing kid in the country riding high. The internet held a special sort of power over movies and video games because for the first time without waiting for studios to dole screenshots out to us in monthly magazines we could keep up with the process that was going into the making of the games.

It was an amazing time and it changed the way things were marketed. But that’s not what I’m really here to discuss. This is just a preface. You see it seems that my long time love affair with forums is coming to an end. For over half of my life I have frequented one forum or another on almost a daily basis and while I don’t think I will totally stop going they don’t hold the sway they used to.

The attitude of the people on forums has become so marginalized. At least I hope that it is marginalized. There seems to be this prevalent pseudo-liberal façade that everyone is putting up. Though on many of these forums Western society is always seen as the aggressor and wrong. Women are seen as objects and sexism is out of control. Some of the women and their actions don’t help, but whenever rape is brought up it’s made light of and the idea that women have any rights or privileges left to fight for is usually met with laughter and a joke about getting back in the kitchen.

The ideas about sex, freedoms and government are no better. I hope the attitudes are fake or just people acting out because they’re more or less a faceless entity online, but I don’t think that’s the case. I wish I could say that these things weren’t prevalent across the internet on discussion forums, but they seem to be. There isn’t a point for me to go online and get myself all riled up over nothing talking to these people and there really isn’t a point in talking to them because they all seem to have taken queues from crazy talk radio shows and propaganda.

If forums aren’t fun and I’m not learning anything—then why keep going to them. That’s the logical behind it. I can go on to message my friends privately on there if I have no other means of contact with them. Otherwise I’m just wasting my time to be upset and read unfunny stupidity.


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