My life lately has been one of me concentrating on reading and other things and less on the news and media sides of things. I know that books are technically media, but they tend to stand outside of the mainstream even when they are mainstream.

That’s why it shocked me when I opened my Facebook to find this eleven minute video about how Beyoncé is a devil worshiper and how she’s channeling and evil spirit to become famous. Let that sink in for a moment because this is stuff wilder than even the best of writers could make up.

If you care to waste a tremendous amount of your time there’s a blog that sums up the points from the video here. Come to think of it wouldn’t this be an awesome story plot? An artist that channels the devil to become famous while for some reason plastering the symbols of evil all over, because when you’re channeling evil secretly the last thing you want to do is be secretive.

Before someone here claims that I am just picking on Christians let me explain that I believe in God and I was raised Catholic. I bare no ill will towards Christians. But when their ideas become so bent on everything in the world being evil and all of that it doesn’t really make them out in the best light. The world has been rife with crazy theories lately. There was the thing about Sandy Hook being fake and one about Obama firing an asteroid at Russia.

Crazy isn’t something brand new by any stretch of the imagination. These things have always been out there along with the Flat Earthers and other things like that, the only difference is the Internet is giving them a venue to voice these options and get noticed.


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