This hasn’t been the longest drought in my postings, but I usually feel the need to come back here about once a week and I missed it last time. Things were hectic last week and I am trying to figure out where everything I want to write fits in to the great scheme of things. I have become to accustomed to procrastination and it has become the standard around here. I need to get back to how I used to be about writing where I could live a day without doing it–but that kind of dedication is hard to build up and work has left me feeling pretty drained. The thing is that I can’t afford to get bogged down by things like that.

I have, however, been reading a lot. I think some of it has been kind of inspiring me to try something very different from the norm. More than likely, I will try and go back Steampunk idea and make it something a little more historical and a lot less fantastical. It might sound cliche (but I plan to try and find a non-cliche way to do it) but I really think I am going to go for something based around the World War II era and try to make it still be Steampunk. This could be hard.

In other news I am also thinking I might shift this blog more toward other things that are non-writing related. I have kind of started to do that, I think I might have even mentioned it before, but I think I need to drive things further that way. Also, I started a blog a while back about the issue of race and gender in fiction, I’ll get around to posting that soon.

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