I’ve been up about thirty hours. Couldn’t sleep last night and had to wait for the AT&T guy to hook up the internet. Of course their scheduling window is twelve hours. Eight AM to Eight PM. I’ve been up all of that and I’m just surviving till he gets here. Right now it’s about six sixteen PM and I guess I can say I’m making it. I hope this post isn’t too incoherent.

So I have been thinking that I need to branch out from the normal stuff I do. Even Keep Austin Safe is me playing it safe by staying in the same world that I’ve always written in. I want to break out of that. A friend I met over Okcupid offered to help me get some stuff right for a character that dances ballet, so I am going to try and work on that story thread for a little while. I want to stay away from things I typically write about and try to tread some new ground with this.

I also plan to start using what’s called the magic spreadsheet (I found out about it through Mur Lafferty). It helps track word count and this way I can write something every day and see my progress. If you’re writing too I hear it works. Give it a try!


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