It’s been a few weeks since the final episode of Season 7 Doctor Who. Really wanted to post something I came across when I reading an article about why this one person wanted to quit watching Doctor Who. This comment was made in response.


Such nonsense. Ever since David Tennant left (of his own choosing) people have dragged everything having to do with this show through the mud. As if there was some orchestrated plot to run the show into the ground. And every time I hear people trash Matt Smith and Steven Moffat then get all misty eyed over the Tennant era I want to vomit. Matt Smith was fighting a losing battle from the beginning with a lot of people. Facts are the ratings are fairly solid as they have been through the whole run of series 7. Matt Smith is a brilliant actor. Steven Moffat is a brilliant writer. He may leave something to desire as head producer but that’s how it’s always been.

Cinematically the show even looks better now. Plot holes and all I’d rather deal with non-linear universe rebooting than how the show went from A daft old man that stole a box and traveled the universe to “Oh look at Ten and Rose, they’re so cute together.” The whole show turned into some overly dramatic soap opera. And all of a sudden what started out as an aging Time Lord and his granddaughter seeing the universe turned into Edward Cullen and Bella Swan teenage puppy-dog nonsense.

Which is a large part of why David Tennant appealed to people. His looks. He’s attractive and cute so people loved him. To the point of overlooking that if you’re going to be honest he really had a habit of overacting. Either that or he was gloomy and sad and people just hated to see such an adorable man be so hurt. Ugh.

And Russell T. Davies isn’t immune to criticism either. My biggest complaints were the bad premises and plastic looking Alien of The Week.
The Slitheen, Really? Cactus creatures and Tree people and flesh on a stretch board, oh my. The effects weren’t great, but they never were. But in the 2000’s aliens could really be more believable because they were as tacky as they were in the 70’s under Davies.

And to this day, when you speak to a fan of NuWho quick recall brings up which episodes? Blink, Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, The Girl In The Fireplace etc. Moffat written shows are always quick recalled as classics.

Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant both are brilliant and portrayed their incarnations of The Doctor incredibly. I will never undermine any of them, but their greatness in some degree was in spite of some of that writing not so much because of it.

I have to be in defensive mode a bit because it seems like amongst Doctor Who “fans” are some of the most entitled and spoiled individuals around. It seems they hate everything about the show. And always whine and complain about everything.

I absolutely adore Matt Smith. And I adore the fact that the show, not perfect by any means is still wonderful. I love that it’s darker and more psychological. I think it has to be. The storyline has to be leading up to what I hope is that period where The Valeyard appears.

I have always taken up for the actors. I loved Tom Baker, loved Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy and Patrick Troughton is high on my list as well. I take the show as a whole. I grew up loving Tom Baker’s Doctor but Matt Smith is my favorite now. And I am proud to say that. His acting is incredible. And he has a larger range of acting and depth.

If you’re a fan of the show, then by no means should you be entitled to like everything about the show.

I just wish most of you would like SOMETHING about it.


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