article-2336936-1A2EB227000005DC-690_634x420A few days ago I read something over on Hello Giggles about women trying to change how people viewed shiftlessness and gender by reading in the park topless. When I first posted the story on a forum I frequent I expected that more men would be excited for obvious reasons. Even men who aren’t particularly fond of women’s rights usually like breasts and if they were out all of the time, where’s the harm?

Well apparently these men are now worried that it will make them uncomfortable. Breasts are meant to be sexual and they shouldn’t be out for that reason. Here’s just a few of the things people responded with:

More idiots going topless.
The only people who support this are morons and perverts.
I like tits as much as the next guy, but this isn’t getting any point across other than how little self respect these feminist cunts have for themselves and others.
If guys don’t see you as equals with it on, they’re gonna see you as EVEN LESS with it off.


if you’re a fatass it’d harm my eyes


________ isn’t wrong, these women are idiots
Nobody wants to see your tits unless you’re part of the relatively small physically fit 18-30 female demographic, and suggesting that everyone should have to suffer the rolls and bags of outrageous fortune so that men can enjoy topless young women and young women can enjoy being topless
is just
Jesus Christ
Intelligence, perspective, self-respect and respect for others all severely lacking here.

and also

If a woman walked up to a man and touched his chest what would you think of it? If a man walked up to a woman and touched her chest what would you think of it? I don’t have a problem with walking around topless, or bottomless for that matter, but at the same time I believe some members in this thread are being hypocritical. If the situation was flipped I don’t think individuals would have a problem coming up with reasons why a man and woman’s chest should be treated/viewed differently.


Cause its sexualy related. The same reason I can’t walk around naked, the public does not want to see my black dick swinging everywhere, and the public does not want to see females tits while they play with there kids at the park. This is a society so what the people want does matter, and I can’t think of any reason why someone needs to expose there chest(male/female) under normal circumstances to begin with.
Men can walk around without a shirt as a mans chest is not associated to sex by the majority, although dont misunderstand a large number of people want men to cover up as well. Just not enough to make it a law.

The problem I’m having with all of this is that a lot of men seem to be uncomfortable with the idea of a woman shirtless around them, especially if they can’t touch her in the same way they might want to. There seems to be a sudden worry about the comfort level of men. The thing is that a lot of time when women are made uncomfortable they’re told that they’re being weak, they get ridiculed or told they’re being passive aggressive bitches.

We should tell these men the same thing. I think that over time, if this happened more often, it might start to change things a little bit and we might see some differences when it comes to how men view women overall. A lot of the reason we used to cover women up was because their body was seen as property and we still have this mindset that their bodies are meant to be enjoyed sexually for one person, but aren’t their own at the same time. Women are expected to act more out of sexuality and attractiveness than they are out of comfort.

And if you’re comfortable with your breasts out, who am I to say you can’t do that?


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